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We are inspired by entrepreneurs who want to build enduring technology companies out of India. These could be ventures responding to the surge in domestic consumption. Or, globally-focussed enterprises, offering both technology services and products beyond India.

We are excited about ambitious founders who have identified large market opportunities and are solving uniquely Indian problems. It’s where our real strengths lie. We’ve caught similar trends before, whether it’s renewable energy, online travel or online retail.

We like to come in after the product-market fit has been established. They have initial momentum. We want to help accelerate that without wheels coming off. Think of us as Series B or Series C capital. We could lead rounds from $10 to $25 Million. Read more...


Nandan Nilekani Co-Founder and Chairman
Sanjeev Aggarwal Co-Founder
Sanjeev Aggarwal Co-Founder
Ashish Kumar Partner
Prateek Jain Associate Vice President
Prateek Jain Associate Vice President
Sanjay Chaturvedi Chief Financial Officer
Aakash Goyal Analyst
Aakash Goyal Analyst

Participating Entrepreneurs

The Fundamentum Partnership has invited several of India’s leading entrepreneurs to join our mission: of helping build enduring technology companies out of India. Typically, they are first generation entrepreneurs who have created decacorns and unicorns. Not only are they astute business builders and investors, they are passionate about giving back to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. They are providing their valuable time, as well as their capital, to Fundamentum.

Strategic Advisors

TN Hari
Sanjay Purohit
Sanjay Purohit


Fundamentum Investments
Nandan Nilekani Personal Investments
Sanjeev Aggarwal Board Affiliations
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